Book: API Design for C++

Recently, I am reading the book API Design for C++. It is a book that mostly related to the Soft Project. I sugest each insight programmer read this efficient book.

Content List:

  • Design parten
  • C++ feature
  • Code style
  • Version control system & Document tools
  • Testing
  • Dynamic Script binding

RDBMS Practise: Carmen

I enrolled an Compiler Mooc of Stanford University this December. Then I intend to build a RDBMS by hands. It references the Postgres Sql Database, which is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS). Its name is Carmen, respect the great musician and dramatist Georges Bizet

[Updating] Mooc for Programmers

MOOCs(Massive Open Online Course) have become highly popular in the last couple of years in the United States, where the concept evolved. The follow collection is a list of my Mooc: